I don’t run the reel Sir !

What do we do while you are sitting in bus or train or just lying down in bed – We think and sometimes we run the reel (film) ,a story which we just make up. Usually its about something which worry us and we keep on building on it – Questions like What will happen in future, What will happen if I….., What if it goes wrong…. All sorts of weird question crop up. One day my brother shared a chat which he had with a Soldier whose job is to stand whole day at one place to secure a weapon room. My brother asked him what do you think while you stand here for whole day and he responded in a very simple way – Sir I don’t run the reel (story). He said I chant shloks and remain attentive. I have been doing this for last 30 years and next year I am going to retire and will join my family. That’s it.

So don’t run the reel and worry. 99% of the things we worry about never happens. Just think of last year you worried about all sorts of things and what happened…You better know 🙂

Next time don’t run the reel..Do Shlok Chanting 🙂

It really works for me !


How difficult is your Problem?

Well we all face problems in life. Every time its a new problem and it looks more difficult. However this guy “Dashrath Manjhi” showed that its not bigger than what he had – Cutting the whole mountain to create a path for the Village to a nearby town and it took him 22 years to do that alone with just a hammer. Every day he broke one stone and this way achieved his goal. Now tell me how big is your problem 🙂 Everytime I feel bogged down by problems I just think of him and I get the energy to bounce back. Just ask one question thinking of Manjhi – Is my problem bigger than Manjhi’s problem. Answer will always be NO,its not.

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What an idea Sir ji !

What if every day is a special day. hmm.. but how? Well, like every Tuesday I keep fast so that’s a special day for me. I eat only fruits,I don’t read any news,not even my personal emails,do a long prayer and moreover its a kind of spiritual day for me.Similarly we can plan other days of our week and can design them to be meant for specific purpose.

So here you go with the special menu for the week :

Monday : Toastmaster special.Connect with people and improve your public speaking skills.

Tuesday : Fast. Spiritual and Gadget free Day !

Wednesday : Energising Wednesday. Yoga. Its mid of the week and the Mind and body needs more energy 🙂

Thursday : Better Thursday. Cook something special.

Friday : Cool Friday. Go out with friends,watch movie or dine out..TGIF !

Saturday : Volunteer activity . What you have to offer the world?

Sunday : Long Nature walk (time for myself)

You’ve fallen 99 times? You’re hired!

You’ve fallen 99 times? You’re hired!

To do good things, you need someone with a consistent track record. To do greatthings, you need someone who’s not afraid to take risks and will get right back up after falling down. You can pack your team with perfect people all you want, but I want to do something that hasn’t been done before. I want to shake things up. I need people who think, “I don’t know how many tries it’s going to take but I’m going to do this eventually.”

Here is the Video which compliments this article :

Reference : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/youve-fallen-99-times-youre-hired-brandon-marshall

Life Principles to solve your everyday problems :-)

Art of Living Principles

1.Accept people as they are, accept yourself as you are!!! And then take action!
2.Be in the present moment!
3.Don’t be a football of others’ opinions.
4.There is sometimes good in life, sometimes bad in life!!! Opposite values are complementary!
5. Don’t see intention behind others’ mistakes.

Biggest challenge so far in retaining knowledge

My biggest challenge so far in retaining what I learn is consolidating the information at one place. I have started using office 365 to overcome this challenge. I store all my notes in OneNote and its quite easy to access them from anywhere and anytime. I have been now using it for last one month so my next post will confirm whether it really works or not.