I don’t run the reel Sir !

What do we do while you are sitting in bus or train or just lying down in bed – We think and sometimes we run the reel (film) ,a story which we just make up. Usually its about something which worry us and we keep on building on it – Questions like What will happen in future, What will happen if I….., What if it goes wrong…. All sorts of weird question crop up. One day my brother shared a chat which he had with a Soldier whose job is to stand whole day at one place to secure a weapon room. My brother asked him what do you think while you stand here for whole day and he responded in a very simple way – Sir I don’t run the reel (story). He said I chant shloks and remain attentive. I have been doing this for last 30 years and next year I am going to retire and will join my family. That’s it.

So don’t run the reel and worry. 99% of the things we worry about never happens. Just think of last year you worried about all sorts of things and what happened…You better know 🙂

Next time don’t run the reel..Do Shlok Chanting 🙂

It really works for me !